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Can Your Customers Find Your Business Online?

When people want more information about a product or service, they usually go online. Over 97% of people use Google, Bing, Yahoo! or another search engine to search for a solution to their needs, and most end up clicking on one of the first few links on the first page of results.

If your business isn’t using up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, your website probably isn’t one of these top links. You might not even know the keywords and phrases that your customers use to research your industry, and even if you have an otherwise well-managed online marketing strategy, you need to make sure that your site appeals to the major search engines in order to draw in organic traffic.

By optimizing your business’ website, you can build a steady flow of new visitors. There are few marketing strategies as effective, when handled correctly, and at Go Online Marketing, we know that SEO is more than good keyword choice and careful content creation.

We treat optimization as an ongoing process. Our team will perform a research-driven analysis of your business to help you create a clean, elegant, content driven site that will appeal to your target audience and the search engines. By building a comprehensive strategy centered around your business’ strengths, we will deliver reliable results. Search engine optimization takes time and commitment, and the sooner you start, the better your chances of capturing a high ranking on all major search engines.

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