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Better Call Tracking for a Better Return on Investment

How much money has your business spent on ineffective marketing campaigns? If you’re not sure, you’re probably not using the right tracking techniques. Go Online Marketing’s call tracking service uses a simple but effective methodology to find the source of every phone call, giving you the ability to instantly identify the best marketing tactics for your business.

Our call tracking services are extremely easy to use, and your employees will not need additional training. We can assign a different individual phone number to every traffic source or analyze calls through a single phone line, depending on your business’ goals. The resulting reports give you detailed information, delivered on a monthly basis, for stronger marketing analysis.

Better phone tracking means a better source of statistics for offline and online marketing, such as PPC, SEO, etc. You can attract more potential customers to your website and use different conversion tactics for different types of incoming calls. We can even help you track call analytics alongside web analytics for smart, research-driven campaigns, and because we help you manage all aspects of your marketing strategy, you will enjoy long-term results.

Simply stated, more information leads to better investments, more conversions and stronger returns. With the help of our experienced analysis team and industry-leading call tracking technology, your business can quickly meet its marketing goals and achieve a better return on investment.

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