8 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

You’ve heard it before, but we’re here to tell you that it’s true – your business does need social media marketing! Did you know that approximately 84% of B2B marketers use social media? Regardless of what your business sells, social media can be used to grow and strengthen your brand.

If your business isn’t using social media, then you’re falling behind your competitors! If you don’t believe us, here are 8 reasons why your business needs social media marketing!

Social Media Posts Can Be Used to Drive Website Traffic.

While you may feel like talking about your website or a new webpage is begging for attention, social media posts can help you to promote your new material. Sure you can use the standard social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+), but don’t forget about newer sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon. These platforms can help you gain hundreds of new visitors interested in your material. Posting on these platforms are free, so why wouldn’t you use them to your advantage to increase your website traffic?

Consistent Social Media Posting Can Boost Your Website’s SEO.

You may not know this, but your social media presence can influence and impact your website’s SEO. Search engine crawlers consistently review pages that receive regular traffic, which includes social media platforms/pages. Thanks to your regular posts, your website will climb faster in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social Media Can Lead to Relationship Building.

Through social media platforms, you’re able to interact with your customers in a new way. You can read their posts and thoughts, gaining an insight into their daily lives, allowing you to write content that connects with them on a personal level.

Beyond your individual customers, you can also connect with other businesses (both within and outside of your industry) and leaders in your space. This allows you to connect with those who can promote your business to their followers.

Ads on Social Media Allow for Targeting and Retargeting.

You may not know this, but social media marketing allows you to target and retarget your audience! For example, with Facebook ads, you can target your audience in terms of their location, age, education level, interests, job, pages they’ve liked, and more.

Furthermore, the addition of the Facebook pixel allows you to connect your website with your Facebook, allowing you to retarget the users who visit your website, creating ads that will follow them on the social media platform.

You Can Answer Problems and Concerns Immediately.

One of the best aspects of utilizing social media for your business is that you can communicate directly and efficiently with your customers. If they have comments or problems with your new product, you can message them and determine a solution. If they want to rave about your work, then you can thank them for their comments. Regardless of the situation, social media allows you to connect quickly with your audience in a way that traditional marketing tools simply don’t allow.

Social Media Can Build Brand Loyalty.

Much in the same vein as being able to respond quickly and efficiently, social media can help you build a loyal customer base. When you engage with your customers on a regular basis, you transform from a big corporation to a more personalized business. By allowing your customers to feel like they can connect with you on a personal level, they will positively associate with your brand and thus become a loyal consumer of your products and services.

Your Competition is Getting Social, So You Should Be Too.

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you choose to stay off social media, then your potential customers will find your competitors who are online. They’ll interact with these people, creating relationships and brand loyalty. If your competitors are able to reach out to your potential audience before you do, then you’ll start falling behind (and will really struggle to recover).

You’ll Find Customers You Never Would Have Found Anywhere Else (And They’ll Find You).

Because there are hundreds of thousands of users on all of the major social media platforms, you are guaranteed to find potential customers that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. You can even search for people who are looking for your services and products through keywords, interests, demographics, and more.

Not only are you able to find them, but these customers will also be able to find you! You can join groups related to your products and services, industry, and customer base. This will put you in front of those interested in what you’re selling and allow you to connect. You’ll put yourself out there in a new sphere that will connect you to those you couldn’t possibly find in any other way!

Whether you’re new to online marketing or are looking for a new way to reach your audience, social media marketing can help you grow your brand. Now is the time for you to add this tool to your toolbox, whether you can handle it on your own or need some help. If you’re not sure where to start, a call to the Go Online Marketing team can help get you moving in the right direction! (Toll-Free: 1.877.900.0146 or Local: 416.900.0988)