The Stavrou Method

I HIGHLY Recommend Utilizing the Services of Go Online Marketing!
“Prior to consulting with Go Online Marketing, my online and branding efforts were very scattered. I lacked focus in both of these important areas. I needed a company that understood the challenges that a start-up online business faces. I also needed a company that can break my marketing efforts into small and manageable pieces.
I liked Greg and Paolo’s approach from my very first consultation with them. They gave me tons of useful info that I could implement immediately. Also, they did NOT pressure me into signing up for a big package with them – they simply presented different options to select from. After my consultations with them, I now have a plan in place that will help me in the coming months to build my online presence (while keeping my costs down) as well as help me with my branding efforts.
I believe that any online business can benefit from working with Go Online Marketing. The Gullo brothers do NOT use a “cookie-cutter” approach with businesses. They take the time to know what differentiates YOUR business from your competition and help you stand out from the crowd. I have learned more from the Gullo brothers at Go Online Marketing than I have from the countless courses on internet marketing that I have taken over the years!
I am more consistent with my branding efforts between the following: website, blog, e-newsletter, etc. I am more productive by focusing on activities that have the biggest payoff! I am learning how to automate my business so that I do not have to work on it 24/7!
I HIGHLY recommend utilizing the services of Go Online Marketing. They cover numerous aspects of building an online business. Below are just a few areas that they are experts in:

  • Website design
  • Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting

And much, much more!
I would suggest taking them up on their offer of a FREE CONSULTATION with no obligation. You will get more from the Initial Consultation than most businesses will teach you in their higher priced packages.”
George Stavrou
The Stavrou Method
Vaughan, Ontario