Pike’s Awnings Inc.

We Wanted A Promising Company…Go Online Marketing gave us that!
“Here at Pike’s Awnings we were interested in evolving our online website with a need to share ideas more effectively with our customers and also to help make it easier for our customers to get an idea of what they want. In the process of choosing a company to work with, it was easy, we wanted a promising company that could give Pike’s the change we needed.
Go Online Marketing gave us that. Our previous website was very simple and didn’t represent Pike’s as we wanted it to, it was time for a change. With our new website we have been able to work with our clients and share a number of new ideas, also by just visiting the website we are able to get a number of new leads because customers are able to see results and also it is a direct way of helping customers over the phone.
Go Online Marketing has given us a productive way of sharing ideas with a greater end result.”
Hugh Kayler
Pike’s Awnings Inc.
Woodbridge, Ontario